EVER'SO - The party band with DJ

EVER’SO is a young, dynamic collective of professional musicians and DJs, who have already provided for over 250 exuberant parties, lovely weddings and rousing corporate events through their playing skills, open-minded appearance and modern concept of DJ plus live musicians.

The band was formed in Hamburg in 2014 from talented and enthusiastic DJs and instrumentalists who wanted to create their own art form – the synthesis of produced and live music.

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Unique and in real time:

From the very beginning, our claim was to transform celebrations into a rousing and unforgettable party experience, in the form of a live performance that involves the audience and crosses the boundary between stage and dance floor.

For almost 4 years now, a well-rehearsed team of professionals has been created, which has a large repertoire – and can spontaneously improvise at the highest level at the right moment. Each band member not only masters his or her own musical tools, but also lives the EVER’SO spirit: to create special moments with fun and shared joy of playing that guests will rave about for a long time to come.

The EVER’SO Team

Behind our DJ plus combo are over 30 professional live musicians and DJs in the area of Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Vienna. The musicians, who were born in Austria, London, Russia, Poland, Spain, USA and of course Germany, got to know each other in Hamburg, so that a network of friendly musicians was created step by step. As a result, EVER’SO has developed into a small “family business” that operates completely independently and is not bound to any agency.

The band was founded by Fritz Darjes, Nate Holder and Max Grösswang.
After the first events, the three of them were clear at the time: THIS IS HUGE!
So the boys decided to enrich the team with more saxophonists, percussionists, singers and DJs, so that within only one year a large circle of friends consisting of top-class musicians had already developed. Team spirit and friendly interaction with colleagues and customers have always been the main focus.

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Our philosophy

We not only want to play, but also inspire people.
We don’t just want to perform for you – we want to party with you!
Of course we see ourselves as a service provider – but to create a really unforgettable party, in our opinion, there is more to it than just playing an instrument well.

Our part starts even before the event – the realization of your wishes, availability by mail and phone as well as a clear communication are important to us, so that you and we can prepare for your party as good as possible.

For us, the event begins as soon as we arrive at the location. Punctuality and reliability are at least as important here as a certain flexibility with regard to the local environment as well as a courteous and open-minded appearance. Mutual respect, solution-oriented action and friendly cooperation are a matter of course for us and are the absolute basis for a great live party.

EVER’SO Live Entertainment

Outstanding musical skills of the live musicians as well as a comprehensive repertoire and excellent skills of the DJs are an absolute must for us. The EVER’SO team consists exclusively of professional and reliable professional DJs and musicians with years of experience in the event and service sector: The right song selection for every party, perfect transitions and open for the wishes of the guests.

Our instrumentalists have at least a completed music degree or have been on tour in Germany and Europe with well-known artists. More important than the references, however, is that our musicians have a passion for music and want to share this passion. Authentic characters and expressive individuals are our secret ingredients that make EVER’SO what it is.

These individuals are: Fritz, Alex, Flo, Jan, Tini, Buket, Linda, Darryll, Samuel, Aminu, Jan Ole, Simon, Lukas, Bino, Nate, Hubert, Christian, Kamil, Albert, Philipp, Jamie, Lene, Noel, Merlin, Mareike, Konrad, Stanko, Konstantin and Max – THANK YOU for being EVER’SO.

WE want to party and want you.

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We want to dance, perform and make music with you – on and off stage. We want to get in contact with you, communicate with you. We want to give you a great time and give you and your guests an unforgettable evening.

We are looking forward to your request!

Your EVER’SO Team

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We are looking forward to your booking request!