DJ Plus

Modern, flexible, uncomplicated and sexy

These are just a few of the keywords that make this concept so special and why it is worth learning more about it.

Who doesn’t want to have the best band, the hippest DJ, the coolest musicians and a bombastic performance at their party? We can offer you all this and that already from 2 musicians!

EVER’SO combines experienced event DJs with gorgeous instrumentalists and attractive singers to create the perfect synthesis of DJ plus live musician. This way you kill two birds with one stone and get the best possible musical background for your party!

The Band of todays Standards
DJ plus live

We admit: The concept is not new. Already in the 60’s and 70’s, when the first clubs were being built in Ibiza, it was common practice to combine DJs with live percussion. Even then, people celebrated and appreciated the special magic between turntables and live played instruments. We would like to take the next step and transfer this energy to our generation. Records became controllers and hobby drummers became professional musicians – EVER’SO was born.

DJ Plus Saxophon

DJ Plus Percussion

DJ Plus Singer

It can't get any better

No more headaches about whether the live band has made the right song selection. With the unlimited repertoire of the DJ and the musical skills of the instrumentalists and singers, almost any musical wish for any occasion can be realized quickly and also spontaneously. Especially in the fast changing music world and in times of Spotify and Apple Music it is in our opinion very important for an event band to be up to date and to have access to unconventional music.

Our DJ pool is always up to date and offers a wide range of styles and genres – this also applies to the singers’ repertoire. We have selected titles and evergreens for every age group, so that really everyone gets their money’s worth.

saxophonist mit DJ

Unlimited Repertoire

Modern & Evergreens

Up to Date

Small Band, Big Effect
DJ plus Party mit Tänzerinnen

With our DJ plus concept we are 100 % mobile – on the dance floor as well as on arrival. We fit on a plane with our whole backline & microphones and can travel worldwide from A to B without great additional costs. That saves time, energy and money and is practical for all involved. The times of big DJ desks, huge percussion set ups and endless builtups are over. For us it’s all about a great party, real emotions and expressive musicians – not about large setups.
On the dance floor everyone is the same – no matter if with or without tie, old or young, thick or thin. We have a great time together with you, whether directly on the dance floor or in the middle of the stage.


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