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EVER’SO at your wedding party

What should we tell you that you have not already heard and read on wedding blogs, wedding fairs, wedding magazines, from other bridal couples, friends or on Instagram & Facebook.

Sure, it is YOUR very special day.

You have spent months planning your wedding and hope that all the preparations were worth it, that you have chosen the right service providers and that everything will go smoothly. Usually you don’t organize events every day and you are nervous in the role of the event manager – especially since you are the main actors in the program besides the organization.

Well, we can’t take away your nervousness: After all, you’re making a big decision that is not a daily occurrence. But what we can do is to take some of the tension away from you with our music and bring you back to the basics: YOUR wedding, YOUR family & friends and YOUR partner

Your Live-Band with DJ
For Your Wedding

In the last 4 years we were allowed to perform at over 150 weddings and enrich them musically. Through this our DJs as well as the musicians have gained routine and are able to react even to spontaneous changes.

All DJs in our pool are all-rounders, who have suitable music for every age group in their repertoire. From Michael Jackson to Bruno Mars – from 70s, 80s, 90s to the current charts – from classic disco fox for the parents to exuberant club music for the youngsters – we have everything at hand and are always ready to play.

Music requests are welcome before and during the party. We coordinate beforehand how the musical arc from the reception to the party should run. Until the party, we stay discreetly in the background, ready for speeches, games, etc. and then get going at the right time.


With EVER’SO at your party, you’ll get an “all-round carefree package”. We bring the best music, professional and entertaining instrumentalists, a friendly DJ, professional technology and our equipment. We can already perform at the reception and dinner, have the DJ play background music and then step on the gas right up to the end.

We offer you
  • an individual offer, tailored to your needs
  • Music for dinner & reception - live or from tape
  • your favourite music, played by our DJ
  • Live sets with saxophone, percussion, singer and drums
  • Sound and lighting technology for the dance floor
Hochzeitstanz DJ
Additionally, we can
  • also play your favourite songs at the wedding ceremony
  • take over the entire technical equipment planning
  • recommend other service providers (photographers, wedding planners etc)
  • suggest a song for the opening dance
  • and will gladly give you further tips for your celebration

The speeches are over, the stomachs filled and now it’s finally time for the party. We will gladly prepare for your opening dance and perform it together with you – goose bumps guaranteed! After that there’s no stopping with our live sets – the right choice of songs, paired with 100% commitment from our saxophonists, percussionists and singers guarantees a full dance floor.

We do not only play our instruments and perform to the songs: We become part of the wedding party by marching onto the dance floor and warming up every single one of you. We animate you to sing along and also to drum together with us. We turn the dance floor into a big stage, where everyone is part of the band and hopefully sweats a little bit.

During the live sets, our DJ will of course still be there and will take over again immediately afterwards. This guarantees a seamless transition, so that the atmosphere stays at peak-level all night long.

Saxophonist Hamburg Berlin München buchen

Our best seller for weddings is definitely our 3-piece combo with DJ, saxophone and percussion. Of course a voice is never wrong – the 4 or 5-piece combo would be suitable for that. No matter which formation you choose: All our combos are easy to maintain, professional and offer the best live entertainment.

Your wedding, your band – for your wedding party we recommend you:
  • 3-piece combo with DJ, saxophone and percussion
  • 4-piece combo with DJ, singer, saxophone and percussion
  • 5-piece combo with DJ, singer, saxophone, percussion
  • and optionally drums or 2nd singer
What now?

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