EVER'SO - The partyband with DJ and musicians for your event!

We are the DJ Plus Band EVER’SO and will make your party unforgettable! With our “DJ + Band” concept we create the musical synthesis of the DJ’s exquisite music and inspiring live experience with instrumentalists and singers.

We refine current chart hits and classics with pulsating percussion, soulful saxophone and unique vocals – creatively as well as newly interpreted, directly on the dance floor. This way, the line between musicians and audience blurres and the music is created right in the middle of the action. To hear, feel and dance along.

With our different DJ plus combos we cover all occasions, no matter if it is a business event, wedding or club event. We can be loud or quiet, mobile or fixed and play in small or large formations – with EVER’SO you’re guaranteed to hit the mark!

We hope to give you a first impression of our live band with DJ on the following pages and look forward to your booking request!

The EVER’SO Team

Saxophonist für Hochzeit
50 Musicians and DJs

from Germany and Austria

Saxophonist & Percussionst buchen
200 Shows per Year

in Germany and Europe

Sängerin mit DJ
Based in

Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Vienna

Live Band Portrait DJ plus EVER'SO
Experienced Team

since 2014

Whether small, medium or large line-up
Your event becomes a special experience with us!
Hochzeits DJ und Event DJ live


DJ Solo | 2

Our Compact Combos stand for unique entertainment & rousing beats – and that with small tools.

Saxophonist Live Act mit Percussion


3 | 4 | 5

Our most trusted combos of DJs and live musicians for an impressive live power on stage.

Live Act mit DJ plus Musiker


6 | 8 | X

With our Premium DJ Plus Packages we guarantee an unforgettable party and extraordinary show.

Expert support in every aspect
Customised advice

Every event is different – we would like to help you find the right DJ with the right singers and live musicians. Seasons and duration of the event vary in most cases, therefore the conditions vary – Our booking team has the right set-up and live band for every wallet.

Performances & duration

Usually our DJs and live acts cover the whole evening. From dinner music to lounge line-ups to party live sets, we can serve everything and would like to introduce you to our proven playing times and services.

Technical support

EVER’SO is uncomplicated, easy to handle and flexible in terms of technical requirements. We can offer you an attractive sound and lighting technology package for up to 200 people and for larger events we have competent partners who leave no wish unanswered.

Our list of clients speaks for themselves
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We are looking forward to your booking request!