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Always 100%

We always give 100 % concerning our services and playing times. When choosing EVER’SO for your event, you don’t need to worry for the musical comfort of your guests – we provide you with our premium musical service, starting from the arrival of the very first guest and stops when the organiser goes home.

EVER’SO adjusts to every condition on site. We are flexible concerning the dynamics, volume, song requests, mobility and space. We know that not every location or wallet can realise the wanted event, that’s why we offer you flexibility to a certain extent.

Playing times

Our standard package contains a DJ during the entire event, plus three or four live sets with musicians and singers. Of course it’s up to you when and how we play the sets. If you want, our saxophonists can start the event by playing solo, a singer with saxophone during the dinner and at the end, the entire package makes sure to make the night memorable.
Our broad repertoire covers all occasions and leads musically you through the entire evening.

Background music

from the start of the event

Our DJ

during the entire event

3 - 4 Live-Sets

à 30 Minutes

You can adjust the playing times of the DJ and the live sets as you like: Sometimes, two live sets will do, other times, you want to need six sets. We can vary the duration of the sets and could perform 4 x 30 minutes, 6 x 20 minutes or 2 x 60 minutes. The bestsellers are 30 minutes sets as it’s the best length to create an appropriate atmosphere.

Number of Sets

is variable

Length of sets

is variable
Extra time

In case the party doesn’t want to stop at the planned time, you can of course extent the DJ on site. We square hourly and our DJs inform you 30 minutes before the time ends, if you want to have an extra playing time. Some events need an extra portion of action – even though all live sets were already played. We don’t mind playing for another 30 minutes or take a short break and crank the party up afterwards. .

Extra time

book the DJ hourly

Extra Live Sets

can be booked spontaneously
Flexible Combos

Our bestsellers combos are legendary. But extraordinary events need extraordinary combos. That’s why we’re flexible concerning their organisation: You can also book the 3 parts combo, consisting of DJ plus saxophone and percussion, instead of the 3 parts combo, consisting of DJ plus singer and saxophone. Besides, we offer you the opportunity to book extra instruments as violin or the guitar.

In case you already booked a DJ, you can always book an extra live musician. Certainly our DJs are happy to perform by themselves as our team is already knows how the members play. But of course we can offer you to only book the live musician. We’d contact the other DJ beforehand and talk about the program.

Combos are

flexible composable

Additional Musicians

can be booked


can perform with Inhouse-DJs


Technische Realisation & Assistance

No matter at what kind of event we play for you – we always offer the most convenient and best technical solution, starting with a small sound and lights package for private parties till big events in cooperation with our partners.

Technical realisations
for corporate events

People’s technical budgets differ especially considering corporate events. We offer convenient solutions for every event – no matter whether with 50, 500 or 5000 guests.

We can always bring our own sound and lights package for events with up to 150 guests. We only need 45 minutes to install everything – without an extra sound engineer. That saves money and time.

When the event or production is bigger, we corporate with our professional partners and technicians. They know what we need for each type of event and can make you a suitable offer.

In case of an extern technical team, we’d love to talk to them beforehand. Plus, when making an price offer, we send you a technical rider back to get to know our requirements. Of course we’re also flexible and adjust to the local conditions and circumstances and work together with the local technicians.

Small Venue

Audio & Light from Ever'so

Larger Venues

with our partners


with local technicians
Technical realisation
for private events

We carry the sound technology as well as a basic lights equipment with us at weddings, birthdays or other private parties. This includes a speech microphone, a sonification of the dance floor, LED spots for the musicians and effect lights for the dance floor.

Also, we always have the DJ equipment, an appropriate DJ desk, our instruments plus microphonisation and laptop and USB ports (for presentations) with us. As you see, we’re perfectly prepared for any case.

EVER’SO only uses high quality sound and lights equipment as well as professional DJs and saxophonists, drummers and singers. Splendid musicians and great DJs only stay in minds, when everything else is set: that’s why we always use premium equipment which meets our high standards and requirements.

Here you can find an overview of our technical package:


1x 12″ subwoofer
2x 12″ active boxes
1x 8 channel mixer
1x funk microphone for speeches
Microphone for instruments
Cables and distributors


4 LED floor spots
1 LED effect strip on tripod
Cables and distributors


We are looking forward to your booking request!